Find Me

Hey guys!
Wanna know about me more?
U can klick this link and u’ll find out me ^ ^

This is me on twitter

This is me on tumblr

This is me on facebook
(hiatus but still accept new friend request)

This is me on blogspot

This is me on Plurk

This is me on Live Journal

This is me on

This is me on Threewords
(u may describe me on this site)

uh, okay i just remembered that. But, i think there is more than this.
Well if u want to be more closer with me then follow me on twitter or tumblr. I’m so active on both of ’em. Or u can asked my blackberry pin. U can mention me on twitter or send me a direct message for having my blackberry pin. But please dun tell anyone about my pin if u had it ^,~

Okay that’s all. Thanks for reading. ^^

ps: add me in skype, then we can talk more ^^
Skype : putrifachrunnisya

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