First as Friend, Next as a Lovers? Bullshit

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boy and girl meet then being friend and after passing much time together they’re gonna be lovers?
that’s really irritating. this is my opinion abt that.

i’ll stand in the opposite if u asking me abt ‘friend being lovers’
id already post a quote abt this. check all my ‘quote of the day’. u’ll find it.
why i become the opposite? why i said it Bullshit?

first, i’d experience in ma life the quote. there’s no friendship anymore when u broke up.
buuuuutttttt, if the ‘lovers’ not a friend before, i think it will be okay.
look, if u were a friend and then become a lovers, when u broke up it’s really hard to keep being friend. maybe it will take much time to being friend. maybe must not seeing each others in long time, then its okay for being friend again.
i’d friend tht had been my couple and then we broke up, we were not friend anymore. we’r jst like emm. what ya? how could i said it? like this, we weren’t talk too much even jst to say hello, we didn’t do that. after we broke up, i jst talk wf him abt three or four times. and we already broke up abt three years. so childish right? -..-”
i jst couldn’t stand how to being friend again. there are ticklish things came to my heart if i talked wf him. or it means tht i still hv feeling wf him? idts. it jst not rite to being friend like we’d in a past.

But, its okay to being lovers when u weren’t friends. i feels rite if being friend after broke up wf sumone whom weren’t friend wf me. i mean, he want to know me becuz his already hd fell in love wf me.

it jst ma opinion. i want to write more. but i forget witw i need to write. :/


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  1. really agreee!!
    there’s no lover become friend.
    i don’t like the term “approximation” or “pdkt”. it makes me illfeel.


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