My M.A.C Collection

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My M.A.C Collection

holaa everybody~~
who’s miss me? put ur hands up in the aiirr~~ *pass

yeah, now im gonna tell u abt my new collection. What its that?

im forget abt the date i’d bought it. But it’s okay. the important thing is the things is in me now. Okay, u know? i bought 7set brush, 1 eyeshadow, 1 lipstick, 1 stick eyeliner, and 1 lipgloss.

1. 7 set brush

7 set brush

yup! this the brush. as wht u can see, there is shading, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip, eyebrow, and cheek brush. it’s really smooth. i loved it when it touched my face.

2. Eyeshadow

double eyeshadow

this is have 2 set eyeshadow (?). i mean its double! errghh, i dunno how to explained it. just check the pics, guys~!

The round pallet is in the top, and the rectangle pallet is in the bottom. i choosed this colors becuz i loved to made smooky eyes make up. :]

3. Lipstick

well, there is 2 lipstick, but i jst bought one. the counter gimme one as a gift. cuz once they r gimme the wrong lipstick-lipgloss. once, i order lipstick-lipgloss(2 in 1) wf nude color. but their gimme the wrong color, their gimme apple color. i protest to ’em. and intead it, their gimme a gift and blush.
i bought Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick edition. i choose the nude color.
see the pic.

4. Stick Eyeliner

i bought black stick eyeliner. u need to rooled up this and then u can used it.

5. Lipgloss

This is Lady Gaga Lipglaze. i choose the nude color too. sumtimes, i combine the lipstick wf this. so the result, my lips volume will be high. but, for daily im jst use one of them.

and about the gift. actually, there is 2 gifts, but jst one frm M.A.C, so im jst gonna tell abt the lipstick. (blush nt from M.A.C)
Their gimme the Rounge Nude Lipstick.

it’s not matte but shimmering. i loved the color. how can their gimme tht color? well i’ll tell u in the next post. and in the next post i’ll post the pic abt the gifts and the wrong lipstick.


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