Luckily Mistake

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this is the continued from the last post. like wht I’d said it before on my last post, im gonna tell u guys abt my gifts from M.A.C (counter).
well, this is the story

one day, i order lipstick 2 in 1 from M.A.C (lipstick and lip gloss in one case). i order the nude color. But when it’s arrived to me, there’s sumthin wrong. The 2in1 lipstick is not the nude color, but it’s new york apple color. so i protested to the ’em. Their said sorry and told me to send it back to ’em. But it’s tiring to me. so i jst ordered again and their promised will gimme the gift. im so fine wf that. So, their send me a message tht asked me if i want a lipstick or blush. i said, whteva their want to gimme and i said please dun a tacky color one. and when it’s arrived, i got surprised, bcuz the gift their promised me is lipstick and blush. in message their told me to choose, but their gimme all the choose. im so happy. Their gimme pink blush and nude lipstick. Nude lipstick! yeah thanks for ’em.

the blush is not from M.A.c, it’s like Japan’s brand. i dunno wht the name of the brand. honestly, im not so interested wf blush on. but, this is a gift.


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