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now, i wanna share about my fav things for this month, yeah this month
what is that?

My ‘White Berry’

yeah, for this month my White Berry is really helping me out from my problem. cant understand,eh? Yeah, when i got sum problems, I’ll used my WhiteBerry to post sumthin in this blog abt my problems or i’ll play Tumblr from my phone or else. Well, maybe u guys tought, ‘why dun u just used ur lapie for all those things?’ well, when i got problems i felt like in a hurry. So there is no times to used my Lapie to share the world(?) abt my problems. Hahaha. can understand wht i mean?

My mini Lapie

yeah this is my fav thing too. Why? Shouldda explain it? well, im just used this when i want to post sumthin or for my homework. yeah, this is may be usefull than my WhiteBerry sumtimes.

My Accessories

my skul necklace. i really love it. but i never used it to go out.

look at that pic and there is necklace, and rings. just a few things that labeled ‘fav’ from me. ^^


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