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yeah tomorrow i didn’t post anything. im so regretful T..T
not only that im also forget to play my doll on japanese game. i cant complited my game if i didn’t dressing up my doll TT__TT. i need to waiting till December coming.

oh okay back to the topic. our topic today is NAIL ART. yeah, nail art again. what kind of nail art now? jeng jeng jeng

how is it? so cool right? haha. im not used toothpick anymore. im using a lip brush. (._.) But the result is preety good, rite?
look on my thumb. there is panda! whooo~~ i search… oh no, I accidentally found it while playing tumblr. and my little finger, i get inspirated from someone tumblr whom posted eveything about hallowen nail art. and to my another nail, i found it in tumblr too.

my favorite one is the mustache. it’s kinda popular on tumblr. majoryty on tumblr had post photo with mustache. and there is on nail too.


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