My fave model Karlie Kloss

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when u hear Karlie Kloss, what were u thinking? if it was me, then that is in my mind is ‘a very cool model’. what is the reason i thinkin like that? because, when i saw her, i could feel strong aura. once i’d saw her interview on Fashion TV, she like a cheerful girl but at the same time she like a cool girl and sexy. At the first sight, id love her.

the photo was taken in Feb_19_2008

Karlie Kloss was born in Chigago, US, August 3, 1992. Wow i got surprised when i know her age. She is at the same age with my sista. But they are tottaly different. Before making it as a model, Kloss studied at Caston’s Ballet Academy in 2002, a prestigious dance school in St. Louis. She soon became very talented at dance, and was in a number of performances such as the Nutcracker. Kloss has called her classical ballet training “a beautiful thing” that taught her how to move in the modeling world and was a great training ground for her runway walk. (c: wiki/karlie)

In just a few short years, Karlie’s walked down runways in all major fashion cities—New York, London, Milan, and Paris, not to mention her overwhelming appearances in magazines and editorials. Most notably was her two-page spread in the Vogue’s September 2009 issue called “I Karlie,” where Steven Meisel fawned over the beauty.

Despite all of her success in the modeling industry, it’s imperative to remember her youth and avid activities besides strutting down runways. Karlie finds love in dancing, as she studied at Caston’s Ballet Academie and was asked to be a part of the Caston Chamber Ballet. But dancing isn’t her only love. Karlie hobbies is baking cookies, biking and of course ballet. If modeling hadn’t called to her, then you could find Karlie cooking up a storm, in her own bakery, or saving lives as a doctor just like her father.(s:modelinia with changes)

ah! Karlie Kloss once rumored with a Joe Jonas. The two sipped champagne together then shared seats in the ‘Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club’s VIP section during the game. And spies say they seemed very close. This meeting with Karlie could be a new love, or nothing at all. Bear in mind – she’s a model, so being seen with a Jonas wouldn’t exactly hurt her career. They could just be friends or it may be romance. (s: hotmommagossip)


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