My Hobby Is …….

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holla- holaa-

hm.. now i want to sharing about my hobby. What is my hobby?
Well, my hobby is dunggudunggudunggudunggu NAIL ART-ing!!!
Yeah, i really like to decorated my nails.
When i’m on junior high school, im jst used simple art. but when im on high school, im trying to make an inovation. Haahaa
I watched some video on youtube about tutorial making nail art. whwn i saw the video, there is sumthin inside of me. it feels like my heart was jumper. Hahahaha
No, i jst cant described it. but, when i saw the tutorial, i really wanted to do it my nails.
once i saw leopard and animal print tutorial video. Its happened in the early morning. i tought it was on Sunday. I streaming the video. After seeing the tutorial i made it to my nails. im used white nail polish as the basic. I dont have the materials. So i jst used everything that i can used. for example, i used toothpick to make the motif. And its work. i think its pretty enough for a begginer like me. =]

wanna see the photo?
Check this out

nail art

i made the coulourful leopart to my another hand (still using toothpick to make the motive)

nail art

And i made it to my sista too. At the time, my sista was back to home. Ah! it was hollyday. so we didnt go to school for me and univ for her.
i made the colorul leopard nail art to her.

when i was creating nail art to my sista hands


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