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it’s really bad. i never imagined it could be happen.
there are so much question on ma head.
why i am being like this?
why i had family like this?
why i had friends like this?

Family and Friends. I really cant get the meaning of this words.
When people will called as Family? When people get called Friends?
Its really difficult to find.

I wanna cry, but there is sumthin inside me that told me not to crying. One of inside ma sould told me to do this and other told me shouldn’t do that. Am i crazy? It feels like i dont know who is speaking at the time. the only one i know is all of them came from inside myself.

I had Mom. im living with her about fifteen years. Now im seventeen years old. It almost 2 years i’ve been living with ma Dad. Uh, okay. i think i never tell before that i had my parents divorced. Im not pretty sure when they were divorced. Maybe ten years ago? Uh, i don’t know. I’m just dun really care abt that.

My Dad had married again. It means that im have Step Mother, Yeah fvcking step mother. Well i had Step Father too. Yeah, my Mom had married too. Both of my step parents didnt care about me. I really hate them. There stolen my REAL PARENTS -everything- from me.

I really hate my step mother. She really bad woman. She neva did ‘what is good mom should do’. She just can hurts ma self. I wonder if my Dad to get married with her when i was in this age, i would never beng nice person to her. And i did it to my step father. I wont being nice to them who just hurting me.

Maybe they wouldn’t think abt it, but I think abt it.

Im so different when i was in the school and when i was in my house. what makes me different?


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