Emily Didonato

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Emily DiDonato was born February 24, 1991. This girl just too awesome. Waktu pertama kali ngeliat nya aku langsung “Waw, so pretty!”

look at this pic

Emily pernah menjadi model untuk iklan lipstick Maybelline

cantik yaah? ><

Born in 1991 in New York, Emily DiDonato is an American model who grew up in a small town in Orange County, New York. Her parents were of Italian and Irish decent, giving her a unique look.

Nah, Emily awalnya gak tertarik sama dunia model loh. Tapi, sekarang malah udah jadi top model aja.

Emily’s ranks :
Top 50 Models (Ranked # 22)
The Money Girls (Ranked # 20)
Top Sexiest Models (Ranked # 17)

ini aku kasi link buat liat photo-photo Emily lebih banyak lagi.
Emily’s Facebook

dan ini pic Emily untuk Maybelline Spring/Summer 2011


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