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wanna share ’bout sumthin’

now want a story about my fascination with the Yamaha Fino. Yamaha Fino is one of the motorcycle matic which is issued by Yamaha. The model is very unique * think *. At first glance similar to the Vespa. It’s just not been marketed in Indonesia. Yamaha Fino has been marketed in Thailand.

But ‘Fino’ It had appeared in Indonesia. The presence of the Yamaha Fino is at present in Indonesia yesterday specifically dedicated to Kaka ‘Slank’, but this retro-style automatic scooter doesn’t mean that will soon be marketed in the country. Fino is presented to the Kaka is only made only one in the world and will never be mass marketed to the entire community as well as Indonesia. Quite disappointed.

According to Bambang Asmarabudi (General Manager of Promotion and Motor Sport Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia) is not actually a problem if too Fino YMKI market in Indonesia to rival the Honda Scoopy. But the potential market is what is not, that’s the question.
I think demand will be a lot. Retro model that will surely attract many consumers. But that’s just my opinion only.

Wf the presence of the Yamaha Fino for Kaka ‘Slank’ This, then YMKI hopin’ to get inputs from the domestic market. “If it turns out the Slankers want to sell bulk Fino ya like it or not we obey,” chortled Bambang.

there is sum pic of Yamaha Fino


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