My birthday, 04.04

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Today is my birthday.
The first person who said it was my friend. Not family or relatives. Even my dad did not say it. My mother only.
My dad did not say it because he said ‘why should celebrate the anniversary, in our religion is not taught’
Therefore, since I’m an adult I no longer expect the greeting ‘Happy Birthday’ from the lips of my father.

Today, on 4 April 2010, I added 1 year of age. Now I’m 16 years old. That means I’m not a child anymore. I should be more mature than previous years. 🙂

So much to say happy birthday to me, and I’m grateful for that, but still I do not feel happy. A news has made me sad. Nobody knows about this.
I do not want to tell anyone.

On my birthday this year, many are asking ‘What do you want? ”
honestly the most I want is not in the form of goods. but all I wanted was my parents back together.
less than 10 years ago both my parents are divorced.
they divorced when I was very young, yet know nothing.
But, when I was in Grade 2 junior high school, I began to realize the meaning of divorce. I was raised with no loving parents who are complete. I lived with my mother. but as long as I live with my mom a lot of things have happened. Sometimes I argue with him. And an incident has made us take the decision that I ended up staying with my dad and ….. my stepmother.

My thought would be better if I stay with my father. However, it did not. To me still the same just live with my mom or my dad. I still feel miserable.

Sometimes I think, ‘why not a single person in this world who could understand me?’, ‘Why always me that they understood they should? ” ‘When my turn to be understood? ”

But I knew it was a mistake also lies to me. I never want to open myself to anyone. But it’s because I’m not used to telling my story to others.

I want to be able to tell you about what I feel, but I always fail. There is no right person to listen to my story. They just want to always be at the hearing but did not want to hear. That’s what made me finally create a ‘friend’ who is in myself. I told her all to him. But it actually makes me tired. Because the same thing I told myself that on the other.

But there’s only one place where I feel relieved to say my heart. I talked to the Almighty, God Almighty. He always listened to all sincere hearts of His creatures.

I thank you, my Lord. Because You’ve given me a chance to live. Thank you for letting me live till now 16 years old until stiff. Praise be to you O God.


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  1. i dont know why..
    but i’m so sad when i reading this post..

    I feel sorry for you.


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