buat party ^^

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buat birthday party bisa jugag kok..
ato party yg dress codeny itu yg black2

Handbag by Accessorize
Bracelet by Vintage
Ring by Blimey
Necklace by Söderklenoden
Skirt by Topshop
Sweater by Baba Jaga
Bikini by Björn Borg
Heels by Ash
Tights by Bluefox


buat yg agak formil. ini jg bisa..
tpi mngkin necklace ny d kurangin

Fur by Zetterberg
Necklace by Cooee Design
Bracelet by Sif Jakobs
Necklace by Cornelia
Bracelet by Pilgrim
Necklace by Cornelia
Ring by Accessorize
Ring by Vintage
Necklace by Glitter
Ring by Dyberg/Kern
Ring by Blimey
Necklace by Zanzlöza Zmycken
Belt by Urban Outfitters
Skirt by Minimarket
Heels by Ayayo
Top by Vintage


Kalo buat party yg formil bisa
gag formil jg bsa
tingal d tmbahin accecories yg berbau emas aj..

Handbag by Accent
Necklace by Cornelia
Boots by Rizzo
Pants by H&M
Mini Dress by Only


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